Let's begin - what notes? What it is all about?

Dec 24, 2017
Let's begin - what notes? What it is all about?

It was a usual cold and gloomy autumn day at the end of 2017 when I realised, that I needed a website.

- How long will my portfolio be orphaned on my computer? - thought I. Sending zip-files to a company, you are planning to collaborate with, is a bit outdated almost two decades into XXI century.

That's how this website was born, and the portfolio things became a bit more organised since then, but my soul demanded more. Having the web-storage of my illustrations is cool, but I also wanted to share some thoughts not in illustration form, but in writing. Some of them I send to my Instagram account, but rarely - nobody reads long texts at Instagram, it's a completely different format. If this text was an Instagram caption, one would skip reading it not proceeding to these exact words. Am I right?

However, some thoughts of mine are completely alphanumeric and some are graphic but need really long explanations. So the blog format is the best match for them.

But I don't like calling it blog, because blog means social activity around its contents, and the blog without it or with low one is a kind of failure. And since I'm not planning to promote myself as blogger, the best naming is notes.

Notes here is the more structured analog of iPhone notes. I write something down for me to remember sometimes in future, but here I don't mind if this memory is observed by anyone around. So, maybe it can be useful for more than one person, who is yours truly.

Anyway, lot of fun is expected here, so stay tuned. Hm, since it's not a blog, you cannot literally stay tuned. So - just stick around!